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Our Native Plants Market is back...

Autumn Native Plants Market
Samford Valley, Brisbane
Saturday 24 April, 9am-3pm

'The Barn', Samford Showgrounds
38 Showgrounds Drive, Highvale.

- low prices direct from growers
- tubestock to established plants
- fantastic range for all gardens (water wise plants, bush foods, bird/bee/butterfly attracting plants, rare and unusual plants)
- expert advice

Enjoy a delightful day in the countryside in the Samford Valley and return home over scenic Mount Glorious.

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Native Plant Market Growers' Tips

Our growers are sharing their favourite plants and best tips in the lead up to the market. Check out the great information below which will be regularly updated, and take a note of those grower numbers so you can find them at the Market on the day! 

Touch-sensitive container plant -
Grower #50 Michelle Benson

Stylidium graminifolium - Grass Trigger Plant

A beautiful little tufted grass leaf-like plant with flowers having a unique trigger mechanism for depositing pollen on a visiting insect.

Ideal as a feature pot plant and a great talking point. They are known as 'trigger plants' because of the unique, sensitive flower column which is triggered by insect visitors.

The trigger remains cocked until an insect probes the flower and then springs upwards and deposits pollen on the head or back of the insect which then transfers the pollen to another flower.

Why not see what other unique small treasures Michelle, Grower #50, has for you while you browse around the Autumn Plants Market.

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Must have small shrubs

Grower #25

Ancient highly perfumed shrub

Grower #69

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